Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Released

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 has now been released, hopefully within the next month or so CentOS 8 will follow.

Quote from Red Hat press release:

Red Hat Linux 8.0 delivers enhanced productivity tools and an updated graphical interface that combine to create an easy-to-use operating environment for today’s personal and professional users. Key features of the latest release include:
New Red Hat BluecurveTM: Conveniently organized, user-friendly desktop with numerous graphical enhancements and icons. Most advanced open source office suite.
Robust suite of configuration tools: Tools to set up configurations for several system services and settings, including firewall, peripherals, Apache, Samba, and small network settings.
Personal firewall tool: Graphical tool to easily customize your security settings.
Red Hat Network integration: Point-and-click utilities to monitor and integrate existing updates for your system.
Upgraded core components: Updated C compiler, toolchain, and kernel deliver the latest Linux technologies.
Web server powered by Apache 2.0: Powerful, flexible, secure open source Web server that powers the Internet.
New accessibility features: GUI support for Braille and mobility-limited language interfaces.
“With this release we have given more attention than ever before to usability”, said Erik Troan, senior director of product marketing at Red Hat. “Red Hat Linux 8.0 demonstrates that we can deliver great new functionality for hobbyists and professionals and at the same time make the product much more friendly for mainstream users.”

Full press release