Auto-updating CentOS 7

We all know that keeping our systems up to date is something that should be on the top of any sysadmins list and with Windows it’s pretty easy, in fact, it’s harder to stop Microsoft from updating your systems than it is to plan an update schedule! As I have been increasingly using CentOS as … Read more

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Released

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 has now been released, hopefully within the next month or so CentOS 8 will follow. Quote from Red Hat press release: Red Hat Linux 8.0 delivers enhanced productivity tools and an updated graphical interface that combine to create an easy-to-use operating environment for today’s personal and professional users. Key … Read more

Citrix Optimizer

Well at last Citrix have brought out the Citrix Optimizer, a simple to use PowerShell script with a GUI to help us Citrix administrators optimise components in our environment. Extremely handy for operating system optimisation with the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA). Citrix Optimizer can run in three different modes: Analyze – analyze the current system … Read more

How to find Windows Build Number

Recently I have re-immersed myself into the wonderful world of Citrix, they have come on quite a bit since I last used it in anger so I have been reading up on all the components and re-learning all that I have forgotten over the past few years. As such, I decided to start a blog … Read more

CentOS 7 Linux Server Install

I was asked to help a friend out recently with setting up a Linux CentOS server for them to run some monitoring software on, so thought I’d do a quick guide not just as something to do on a Sunday afternoon but if they ever ask again I can just point them here rather than … Read more

Blocking Bad/Blank Referrers and Bots

I have posted previously about blocking IP ranges and IP addresses using the htaccess previously so won’t go into too much detail about that file, head over and have a read if you’re interested (Blocking Chinese hackers from your web site) Right back to the here and now, so I have been sifting through my … Read more

Simple PHP text Spinner

A while back someone asked me how would you go about writing a text spinner in PHP code. It simple enough, you need to work with { | } and random numbers, I have done various forms of this in my time but mostly in .NET C#. Here is the sample code I came up … Read more

Informing search engines of your site

We all know how important backlinks are and getting your pages indexed but did you know there’s a little trick you can do to get Google, Bing or any search engine for that matter to read your sitemap without having to open a webmasters account with them? Yes? Well don’t bother reading on you’re not … Read more

More on the .htaccess file

In part way response to a post from the forums, I belong to musing about the .htaccess file. Here is my penny’s worth on htaccess files. Not meant to be the end-all of information we should always aim to gain as much info on a subject before acting but I tried to bring you a … Read more